Indoor AR wayfinding

An easy, magical way to get to where you want to go

Old iOS prototype for an internal app


Navigating yourself in a complex, indoor space (i.e. airport, mall, etc.) to get to your Uber pickup spot usually sucks.


As part of a R&D project, our goal was to create a functional, magical AR wayfinding experience for airports.

What I did

As a 20% project, I prototyped and helped design the end-to-end AR wayfinding experience, and an internal AR app for Uber employees to find meeting rooms.

Design explorations


I built iOS prototypes, using SceneKit, ARKit, and UIKit, to explore different ways of orienting and navigating a user to their destination.

Prototype explorations


We built a working AR wayfinding experience, and an AR app to help Uber employees find meeting rooms in our insanely confusing HQ building.

Old iOS prototype of the entire wayfinding experience

Behind the scenes

This R&D project was a collaboration between the Data Visualization and Rider teams.