Uber Wallet launch

The public launch of a new brand and product

Uber Wallet iOS prototype showing how reflections, shadows, and illustration react to phone movement


  1. Uber Money Design and Brand Design teams had to create demo material for the launch of Uber Money and Uber Wallet for the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas.

Money 20/20 conference @Belagio, Las Vegas


  1. Money and Brand designers across Amsterdam and San Francisco worked on integrating the new Uber Money brand into Uber Wallet's UI.

Amplified reflection

"Instead of associating a specific color with Uber Money brand, we chose to focus on a finish"

Numbers in motion

"As a financial platform, numbers take a lead role in our experience. We want them to be expressive and intentional."

What I did

  1. I worked with the team to integrate our brand into our digital products, and designed + built a iOS prototype for an on-stage demo of Uber Wallet at the conference.
  1. Explorations

iOS prototype of the final Wallet demo


  1. On October 28, 2019, Uber Money and Uber Wallet was announced in front of hundreds of attendees. The Uber Wallet demo went smoothly, and the overall launch was received positively by the press.

Head of Uber Money (Peter Hazlehurst) demoing Uber Wallet prototype on-stage at Money 20/20 conference